Edinburgh is my home. I was a nomad before I felt in love with this city . I have 3 collections of Edinburgh made over the last 6 years and keep making new designs all the time . I love it's irregular architecture and the texture of its old mouldy walls. I try to express it on my own weird ways . The original paintings are made in watercolour and collage, I hand craft many of my watercolours for a more saturated effect.

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I started the Glasgow illustrations  in spring  2020 during the first Covid lockdown. To me they feel very different from my recent work , I find that when one works from memory (even when you use reference pictures ) you capture better the soul of a place , because you only remember beautiful things , I had a similar experience with my first Edinburgh paintings that made during my holidays because I missed the place .  I hope you enjoy them .

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I love London . As a student in Chichester west Sussex I used to visit London every weekend I had a chance  and spend the day alone visiting museums or simply getting lost . I always though of it as a magical city .


Animals and a typewriter

Animals and a yellow  typewriter . This collection was painted in the city of  Nantes where there are machine - animals . Painted machine animals would have been amazing but for some weird reason I spend a whole month wanting to  visit the zoo and see real animals . But the zoo and I have a strange relationship , for one side I am a big fan of Gerald Durrell animal conservation books but for an other I always find the zoo sad. So at the end I never found my way to the zoo.


Day dreamer

This little collection is all about imagination .Each illustration is an story in its own .