Our natural soy wax candles are a perfect selection of scotish scents, all illustrated with beautiful watercolours . 

Soy wax is not only ecological  and healthy  but also holds the fragrance oils beautifully  making sure that your candle is as strong at the beginning as it is at the end . Each candle should burn for at least 18 hours.  

Mighty sea  (sea salt and sage ) beautifully refreshing , we highly recommend to try it while having a bath with epsom salts. 

Antiques (wood and tobacco) ideal for those who love reading while drinking tea in front of a window . 

Magic forest (Pine) my very favourite , it reminds me of those magical  highland landscapes with its green mountains.

Clean Cow (cotton) I am sure we all have found ourselves in front of a highland cow and imagine what it would be like to give it a bath , full of bubbles and left them even  fluffier.

Highland cow (sandalwood) this candle is sure to make you want to dance around the house , it has that ability to fill all the space with vibrant good energy and makes you imagine you have a mustache.

Bumble bee ( floral ) is an interesting selection of flowers that will transport  you to a garden in  full of flowers and birds . 

Green lands  (mountain air ) is a fresh fragrance with musk and woody notes .

Soy wax candles (inspired in Scotland scents)